Cowichan Valley’s First Public Outdoor Cob Kitchen!

The Cowichan Valley’s First Public Outdoor Cob Kitchen is a friendly place for family gatherings, events, education, and celebration where people come to prepare, cook and taste delicious food, learn new skills and celebrate with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. It is located at beautiful Centennial Park in Duncan.


The Cob Oven Story was inspired by our Field to Table Project and as a celebration to recognize our 20 years in the Cowichan Valley Region. CCK continues its work towards food security, cooking food fresh from the garden and building the supports and friendships that are the fabric of the resilient community.
We brought the community together to explore and imagine the future they believed possible for the Cowichan Valley. One filled with hope, love, respect, and celebration of diversity. For six months people of all ages joined in mud stomping, clay mixing, and natural building skills.

They learned about Coast Salish designs, tile art, and painted panels of ideas that were brought to life in the oven artwork and storytelling panels. They laughed, shared stories, recipes and meals together, neighbours became friends, children were inspired, and a community was created!

How Can I Get Involved?

The Cowichan Green Community Foundation is a registered non profit that relies on the hard work and generosity of volunteers and donors. If you would like to contribute, consider donating either time or money. Volunteers are needed throughout the year, please apply here.

Members of the Cowichan Green Community Foundation receive discounts on select events and workshops, voting rights at our Annual General Meetings, and empower the Foundation to create engaging and supportive initiatives, workshops, and demonstration sites throughout the Cowichan Region.