Pregnancy Connections aims to increase access to nutritious foods during pregnancy to help achieve the healthiest mothers and babies possible. Since 2012, the initiative has enabled Cowichan’s pregnancy support program to provide participants with beef, eggs, and/or legumes for the duration of their pregnancies. Iron-rich foods such as meat and eggs nourish growing brains and help mothers maintain healthy iron levels. Nutritious DSC_0624foods are vital to babies’ healthy growth and development, and mothers’ health and well-being. As part of the initiative, participants are also offered nutrition and food skill education tailored to individual needs.
Pregnancy Food Connections began with the recognition of high anemia rates among participants of Cowichan’s
pregnancy support program. To increase awareness about anemia prevention involved practitioners began to raise funds to supplement participants’ diets with iron-rich foods. With the help of local community funders, the Duncan Rotary Club and Cowichan Success by 6, the program has successfully worked towards a host of beneficial health outcomes.

Pregnancy Food Connections is supported by a network of community partners including the Cowichan Green Community, Margaret Moss Health Centre, Healthiest Babies Possible, Duncan Butcher Shop and the Cowichan Food Security Coalition.

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