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Volunteer Form

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Parent/Guardian Consent (IF APPLICANT IS UNDER 18)
In order for your child to volunteer at Cowichan Green Community, he/she/they must be at least 14 years old. We need your consent and involvement in helping them have a meaningful and positive experience. Should you have any questions about our program(s), please contact us. I understand that my child (named above) wishes to be considered for volunteering with Cowichan Green Community and I hereby give my permission for him/her to serve that capacity, if accepted. I understand that he/she/they will be provided with orientation and training necessary for the safe and responsible performance of his/her/their duties and that he/she/they will be expected to meet all the requirements of the position, including regular attendance and adherence to CGC's policies and procedures. I understand that he/she/they will not receive monetary compensation for the services contributed. I agree to assume and accept all liability and responsibility for the actions of my child resulting from their activity as a volunteer with Cowichan Green Community. I further understand that I may revoke this Parental Consent at any time by providing notice of revocation of parental consent to Cowichan Green Community. I hererby confirm my child's agreement as expressed above with Cowichan Green Community, and grant my consent to the collection of any of my child's personal information which he/she/they may provide to you. I further confirm that I am myself over the age of 18 years. PLEASE NOTE: A SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN TO CONFIRM CONSENT. This can be given to CGC's volunteer coordinator when they contact you.

How Can I Get Involved?

The Cowichan Green Community Foundation is a registered non profit that relies on the hard work and generosity of volunteers and donors. If you would like to contribute, consider donating either time or money. Volunteers are needed throughout the year, please apply here.

Members of the Cowichan Green Community Foundation receive discounts on select events and workshops, voting rights at our Annual General Meetings, and empower the Foundation to create engaging and supportive initiatives, workshops, and demonstration sites throughout the Cowichan Region.